For Success In Life The One Discipline That Gives You The Biggest Shot Is Persistence



Persistence is stronger than any other trait when you seek success in life. Without persistence you’ll rarely reach your goals.

At the very beginning of every journey you must accept that you will move forward no matter what hazards you suffer on your path. You must resolve from the start that no matter what obstacle bars your way you’ll find a way to stride beyond it.

Even in the planning stage failure threatens to put an end to your project – before you write the first step necessary to start you on your way. Let failure take over and it’ll cut your feet off so you never take that first step.

It comes in the way of distraction and procrastination.

You think, “The first thing I need to do is make an outline for this project.” Then you remember that you didn’t say good morning to your fellow workers. Or you forgot to do this or that task.

And you think, “Well, this outline will wait until later today, or maybe tomorrow.”

And procrastination takes control like a winch cable strapped around your chest – hauling you backward. Taking you mentally away from your plan.

You fight off the procrastination, get out that paper for your outline, and start writing. Next thing you know someone walks up to talk with you. And the conversation burns an hour. Then you decide it’s time for a cup of coffee. Or you notice the sun shining through the window, and think a nice stroll outdoors will help clear your mind for the outline creation process.

And distraction takes you away from your plan.

Procrastination and distraction always hover around you. They stay with you, and try to persuade you away from taking every step along your path. You must work hard to overcome them, and move forward.

You must resolve to take each new step despite all the reasons you imagine not to stick that foot ahead.

The road to your goals is not straight, or even level. It winds and turns back on itself climbing ever upward. You face a mountain. The peak of that mountain is where your successful life waits for you.

Most men stroll all the way up the side of their mountain, and stop just short of the peak. They decide the struggles of climbing are too overwhelming. They give up. Often that happens when only one or two more footholds would push them past the crest. They miss their goals when a couple more grunts are all they need to stretch out on that peak, and soak up the sunshine, surrounded by everything they always wanted.

They give up on their dreams just a moment too early.

Persistence is the discipline that gives you strength to grunt two more times. It’s the trait that helps you find those final footholds.

Decide that you won’t quit your quest until you reach your peak. Resolve to never give up on your dreams no matter what.

Develop the habit of persistence. Hold on to that habit with your every ounce of strength. And go chase your success in life.