Making Money – Are There Still Opportunities For You?


Let’s talk about making money, shall we?

Do you believe that opportunities still exist for someone to build a successful, and comfortable life? Do you think there are still ways for you to make money?

My answer to that question is that there are a lot of ways available for making money. You run into the tough part of your path toward building a successful income at the very start when you look for one, or more, of those ways.

Opportunity is all around you. And opportunity surrounds you all the time.

The problem is that most people never learn how to recognize an opportunity when they see it. Learning how to recognize opportunity is not a secret, and not truly even that difficult. It’s just that most people don’t want to bother themselves with learning how to spot those opportunities.

You must teach yourself how to find opportunities for making money.

To make money you identify problems that other people have. Or you figure out what people want that they feel will make their life more comfortable or pleasant. Then you create, or find, the product that will solve those problems, or satisfy the want.

“Infinite money is available to a mind that is ready, willing, able, qualified and gives itself permission to earn and accept it.” Mark Victor Hanson

It’s a practice thing, like most accomplishments in life. The more you practice, the better you get at recognizing the hints and patterns that lead you to the recognition of a want or a problem.

Learn to listen to people. They’ll tell you what they’re looking for, and what they want to solve.

A quick method to find a way for making money is figure out what you are most interested in. When you’re very interested in something you want to learn about it, don’t you?

So you learn everything you can about the subject that interests you most.

Listen to the conversations around you.

Find out what people worry about. Learn what they’re looking for.

Go online to visit forums, and blogs about that subject area. Browse through the various articles and posts. Look for threads where people talk about the issues in their lives, threads that have a lot of activity. Think about what other people write, and let it ferment inside your head.

Look for patterns in what people say that suggest a want, or a problem that needs solving. From the problems or wants that you pull out of those patterns you find the ideas for how to fill their wants, or how to solve their problems. Then you just need to create, or find, the product that provides the satisfaction or solution. And make that product available to those people who made you aware of the problem or want.

Opportunities are all around you. The most important thing to realize is that when you know all about the area that interests you most, you’ll quickly see those opportunities. And with practice you’ll have an intuitive understanding of how those opportunities can go about making money for you.

You must gain the knowledge and practice at farming the conversations. If you don’t you just can’t see the opportunities.

So decide what you most like to do. Study and learn everything you can about that subject. Make yourself an expert in your area of interest. Start identifying opportunities for making money, and finding your success in life.