Goal Setting Is Hard Work But To Find Success You Must Plan Your Life

Does the effort setting goals seem like hard work to you? I think that writing out your mid-term goals is the hardest part of goal setting. At least it’s hard work when you first start the goal setting process, and until you get experience.

It takes a lot of thought trying to figure out just what needs to happen three, four and five whole years from right now to get what you want.

But I promise that the work will reward you. It takes you where you want to go. It leads you toward the success in life you desire.

The reason most people are broke at the end of their lives is because they don’t do this goal setting activity. They count on social security to take care of them. But social security is in trouble too. I think we’re all aware of that.

In scuba diving we have many rules that we must follow if we want to dive safely. One of the most important of those rules is “Plan your dive and dive your plan.”

This form of goal setting allows you to enjoy a successful dive. It also brings you back to the surface alive.

All dives are different.

In the ocean there are currents that can be swift enough to carry you miles away from where you get into the water. If you don’t know about that when you start your dive you might never find your way back home. You might get lost at sea.

Once in Florida I dove a place called Devil’s Den. It’s an underground cavern with tunnels leading away from it. I had to plan how I would swim underwater with a rock ceiling above me. I couldn’t just come to the surface – I had to know ahead of time how to get back to where there was a surface with air instead of the rock.

Life is the same way. If you don’t perform the goal setting process, and plan ahead of time you might run into big trouble. I know. I’ve been there. I didn’t have a good plan in my early years, and it caused me a lot of setbacks in my life.

Do the work of goal setting, and you’ll live a life that most people only dream of.

After you’ve worked on your goals for a few years (because you review your goals all the time, and when things change in your life you adjust your goals to reflect those changes) the activity becomes a habit. And when an activity becomes a habit – it’s easy.

Goal setting is a life-long process

Events happen that cause you to change your plans. You might start out with a desire to live in a house on the beach. A few years later you might decide to live in the mountains for a while.

Change happens. Change is the only thing in life that’s constant.

Most people hate change because they settle into a comfort zone. They don’t want to get out of that zone. It’s where the couch potato is – in his comfort zone laying on the couch watching TV, getting fat, and lazy.

We call that stagnation. Stagnation is why that green scum forms on top of a still pond. Still water is stagnating water. The scum grows and the pond is useless.

Be useful. Plan a life and create something of value.

When you plan your life through goal setting, and create value for people, you get their respect, and trust. And when people respect and trust you, they help you reach the success you seek in life.

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