The Power Of Mentors Speeds Up Your Journey Toward Success In Life


Who are your mentors? Who do you want to mentor you? Who do you think can most help you reach the success in life that you most desire?

Do you think you need somebody else’s help to go where you want to go on your journey toward success? Or do you believe you can travel that path by yourself?

Nobody truly succeeds by living life as a hermit. You might question that because when you look at the past of some high achievers you don’t see evidence of any mentors who helped them along the way. But if you consider the reality, and look a little more closely at those track records, you uncover the truth.

Every person, throughout their life, experiences influence from people they look up to. Sometimes this influence is direct, sometimes it’s indirect, but the influence is there.

Your first mentors are your parents. They shape your early years, and have a huge impact on the person you become. At least for the most part they help shape your maturation process.

From your parents you get your first lessons on how to act around other people. They teach you civility, or not, by the example of how they behave when they take part in social activities.

Then you enter school, and you get new mentors. Your teachers continue the process of shaping your mind into the person who’ll look at you from that future mirror. They teach you how to learn so you can find the answers you need to function in society. And they give you lessons about how to interact with society as you spend the largest part of your days watching them.

You see how they act around their fellow teachers, and your fellow students, and you pick up habits from them that you decide are right for you.

Joining your teachers as an influence on your future are your fellow students. As you spend time with other kids you experience many different personalities. Some good, some bad. And you start picking up individual characteristics from your closest friends, adding those characteristics to your own personality.

Most of this happens without you even realizing it. Your habits form subconsciously during your formative years. But success in life requires that you consciously pick the mentors who will help you find the path to your desied future.

To find life’s success you must select your mentors very carefully. The quality of the influence you allow to shape you determines whether you soar with eagles, or crawl with worms.

The best way to choose a mentor is by watching how a person acts. Everybody’s actions reflect the true inner person eventually. People don’t always show their true selves when they’re around others.

Wait for when the person thinks no one is watching, and see how they conduct themselves. Then check your conscious to learn if that sort of behavior is okay with you. Decide if those characteristics are traits you want to adapt to your personality.

Search for people who succeeded at what you want for your future. Study them, and watch how they perform both socially, and privately. Learn their good characteristics, and make those characteristics part of you.

Find strong, successful people as your mentors. Burn their positive traits into your soul. That’s how you benefit from the power of a mentor to push you toward success in life.